Monday, March 3, 2014

#20 Time for the win! #edchat

I asked my students to share their thoughts on #20Time on their blogs this weekend and this was one of the responses. I feel like I have done my good deed this year. 

"There are many things that I like about the 20 Time projects. My favorite part since the beginning was being given the opportunity to choose any project to work on for an entire year. At first, I thought this would be super easy. As the year progressed, the project got more challenging. This opened a whole new door in my creative mind. Since I started projects in 1st grade, I have never been able to do what I wanted to do. My teacher usually made up all the requirements. The projects usually had to do with books I have read, history I have studied, or complicated science experiments. This project was totally different. Although I have enjoyed the freedom of choosing a topic, it was very difficult to come up with what I wanted to accomplish in an entire year. One of the biggest influences during this was my teacher. He always kept my class motivated! He explained that it was acceptable if the project failed in the end. As an honors student, I do not hear that very often. Honors students always have so many expectations to live up to. It is assumed that we always have to succeed in everything we do. My teacher said it was ok to fail at things sometimes. We learn from our mistakes. The biggest success stories are built on a foundation of multiple failures. I learned a very good lesson. I will remember that throughout my life."

#20Time #FTW


  1. What a testimony! Congratulations.

  2. Wow! Isn't it fun when you unintentionally change someone's life! My company recently got a similar response from a student using our reading tool and we read it every morning to stay motivated! I'll share it below,

    "As a student who struggles, I cannot express how incredible this program has been for me. It has opened my eyes and shown me that there is a way to learn besides drooling over a worksheet for a grade. There is a way to learn at our fingertips that is invigorating, motivating, and exciting. My only question is - Why can I only learn this way in Mr. Grzeda's class?"


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