Friday, February 7, 2014

Reminders on @Evernote #edchat

There is a great feature that many people do not know about in Evernote. The Reminder feature has been around since last May and it has had a huge impact on the way my students stay organized in my classroom.

For my classes, I've created public notebooks that students can join, but they do not have any editing rights. One of these notebooks is for the daily assignments. These could be the assigned reading for the day, information on longer projects or anything I want the kids to know on any given day. The students can access these notes in the notebook on their personal device through Evernote. I do not use my school website to store my class assignments because all of my students have their accounts. I even have some parents that have joined the notebook so they can see assignments on their Evernote account without having to navigate the district website. 

In a note, a user can create a reminder.

When the user has their notifications turned on for Evernote, they will see a reminder pop up on their screen. This could be used for meetings, shopping lists or anything you want to remember and might need notes or other information. The cool thing about the reminder feature is that it works for anyone that has joined the notebook. My students that have joined the notebook will get any reminder I have set for a note. 

Every day I create a note and I set the reminder for 3:05PM. This is the final bell for the school day. One of the things that kids do when school is out is take out their phone. For my students, the first thing they will see if they have their reminders turned on is a reminder for the day's work. If the student logs into Evernote later in the day, they will see a list of reminders they need to check off to get rid of them. 

I'm always looking for different ways to reach my students and let them know they have things to do in class. Since I am always creating these notes anyway, it's very simple for me to through the reminder on the note and have that for my students who need it. 

Evernote continues to innovate new ways to make it easier to "Remember Everything" and the reminder feature is just another cool tool to help everyone do just that. 

In the coming weeks, I will be writing a bit more on Evernote. I am trying out the Post-It Notes that work with Evernote and the Jot Pen that helps with annotation on Skitch and Evernote. If you ever have any questions about Evernote, please drop me a line. It's my duty as the Evernote Ambassador to help Evernote peeps when they are in need. 

Have a great day!


  1. So ALL of your kids have smart phones and Evernote accounts? I can't even persuade my wife and daughter to use Evernote. I can't believe you get all your kids in all your classes using it. And I really have a hard time believing that at least a few of them aren't still using feature phones that can't even run Evernote.

  2. Nicholas,

    I love this idea and have been working to find a way to figure this out for students. With all of the possibilities for alerts it seems students should always be able to remember all that they need to do. I have used Google Calendar for student assignments but students only get alerts when I change something in the calendar and it can't be set for a specific time.

    I am a little confused about how you do what you do, though. Do you create a new note in the Daily Assignments notebook each day with that day's assignment or do you just add the information to a Daily Assignment note within a shared folder?

    Also, you state that students can see a list of reminders later in the day if they log into Evernote. Are these all created by you or is this for each class?

    Thanks for the very useful idea!


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