Sunday, June 30, 2013

Taking a break #edchat

I recently wrote and article for Edutopia about Teacher Burnout. It focuses on 4 things to look for in yourself and others. I wrote that post because I was/am burnt out.

I push myself all year to be the best at everything I do and that usually means that I have nothing left come June. ISTE has usually been the the week where I bounce back, feel good about all of the things I have done over the year and connect with my friends in a new city. This year did not play out how I would have hoped.

I am beyond honored to have received the Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award from ISTE. There are so many amazing teachers out there that it is hard for me to fathom that I was the best of the best for 2013. This great recognition kept me busy during ISTE with photo shoots, meetings and the such. I felt like I was on the go from the start. I have nobody to blame but myself. I have a hard time saying no to people or groups that have been so supportive of the work I do with my students. Sadly, I am still spent.

In one month, Tim and I are embarking on a trip across the country in the hope of meeting new teachers and learning a thing or two about teaching from others. We kick off with a Keynote at the Great Clark County Conference and will set of for San Francisco on our #EduTour.

I have 1 month to work on a Keynote and put the finishing touches on the trip. I will be taking a break from @TheNerdyTeacher and my blog for a few weeks so I can concentrate on the EduTour and my family. With this little break from the Nerdy Teacher grind, I hope to be refreshed for a trip that will be fun, educational and downright silly.

So, please forgive me if I do not get back to your tweets or DMs. I want to be the best Nerdy Teacher I can be and that requires a break to recharge the batteries.

See you on the flip side Internet.



  1. Enjoy your break. Just now catching up on the blog. I usually take a month off once a year for this reason.


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