Monday, April 1, 2013

Mentoring Minds and the Common Core

I have been sitting in a few meetings this year where people tried to digest the Common Core Standards. Many people feel like it is going to change the entire way that they teach and some just assume it will go away like all other mandates if you give it some time. I'm not sure the CCS is going away anytime soon and those teachers that are confused as to where to start need some guidance in meantime.

While I was at ASCD, I had a chance to speak to the people at Mentoring Minds. We chatted briefly and I was given one of their 9-12 ELA flip charts that breaks down CCS. Here is a video that provides more information on the flip charts. 

I shared the flip book with one of my colleagues and they were impressed at how easy it way to use and find information. As teachers, we are very busy and it is impossible to find the time to read through those massive PDF's the government shared about CCS. The flip books are a great way to break down the information for the teachers that want to learn more about CSS but do not know where to start. 

I recommend you take a minute and check out the flip charts and the other products from Mentoring Minds. You might just find something that is perfect for you or your district.