Wednesday, August 8, 2012

#NerdyCast Episode 6 with @ShellTerrell #EdChat

Shelly Sanchez Terrell is the special guest for Episode 6. This is a speical Connected Educators NerdyCast for the month of August. Listen in as she talks about the value of being a connected educator, the importance of educational technology and talking with markers in her mouth.

Thanks to Shelly for taking the time to chat and please check out her blog to see the amazing things she has going on. You can also connect with her on Twitter at @ShellTerrell

Here is the link to the Podcast and here is the link to iTunes. I would really appreciate comments or feedback on these podcasts. Thanks for listening and sharing!


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this NerdyCast! The positive spin that both you and @ShellTerrell put on educational issues is VERY much appreciated. I had a smile on my face the ENTIRE time I listened to the two of you chat - I loved the way the conversation flowed so comfortably! I LOVED Shelly's trashcan and mouthful of markers "training" stories ... sure shows the power of determination! Thank you for sharing such an inspirational chat with us! I love the power of Twitter, how it has flattened the playing field and flattened the walls for amazing global connections and PD. This PLN has provided some of the most AMAZING growth opportunities for me as a teacher and learner! Thank you for being a part of my learning journey!

    Laurie (@RentonL) :)

  2. Thank you Laurie for your wonderful comment! I think these stories flow because Nick is such an easy person to talk to. He's very personable and makes anyone laugh so easily. It was a privilege to be able to talk with him.


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