Monday, June 18, 2012

The Best Teaching Practice Ever!

I've been watching twitter the past few days and I have noticed lots of talk about new and improved instructional methods. Some involve Games and others involve flipping the classroom. I love seeing new ideas shared across all content areas. I even love the pushback and questioning from others looking to learn more about these new ideas.

However, I do not like is idea bashing because it's different. The best instructional model is the one that works for the 30 butts in the seats in front of you. That is what I've learned over the years. I'm a proponent of Project Based Learning. Is it the end all be all of education. No, but it's working for my kids right now. Will it work five years from now? I have no idea, but I'm always looking for new ideas to make me a better teacher.

I knew nothing about the idea of Gamification in education. I hosted a chat and learned a tons. Having said that, I'm not ready to replace PBL. It was just interesting to learn about another methodology.

Being on Twitter, for me, is about opening up to new ideas and sharing your thoughts. Instead of bashing ideas you do not understand, take a moment and reach out to the experts. You would expect the same from your students.


  1. Could you pass any content on PBL?

  2. Do you think that some "idea bashing" may simply be call for more thought? I tend to question hard new ideas (or old ones repackaged) because I worry too many teachers are looking for the quick fix or the next best thing. How many students are involved in revolving teaching techniques because we have a new flavor every month?

    That being said, I also love the excitement teachers express in new ideas (or old repackaged ones). Often they see things I miss and I learn from that as well.

  3. Right on, man. To me, it's all about balance, flexibility and getting feedback from my students. Whether it's PBL, flipped classrooms, a traditional classroom discussion, or one of our original whole-class learning structures, I seek to use the best tool(s) at the most appropriate times. I also seek to continually evolve, create, and adapt as a highly effective learning facilitator.

    Thanks for introducing the topic. Nice post.

  4. I agree with Will. Sometimes, in the Twitterverse, some things can have an unintended connotation. But, on that note, I think we need to push discussions and active questioning rather than just firing off quick questions that can be misunderstood.

    We need to keep learning about new things...even if it isn't our "thing." Gathering experiences and working with what fits our needs the best will keep us moving forward.

  5. If I don't like an idea I find on the web, I either care and then try to challenge it on a constructive level, or I don't care enough and then I just keep my fingers off the keyboard. Bashing, I believe, doesn't get us anywhere.

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