Monday, June 27, 2011

10 Things I Hate About You (#ISTE11)

10 Things I Hate About You (#ISTE11)
I hate the way you introduce me to people that challenge my thinking.

I hate the way you make me want to change the way my district works.

I hate the way you introduce me to new tools I want to integrate into my class right away.

I hate the way you connect me to educators from around the world.

I hate the way you allow me to spend time with people much smarter than me.

I hate the way you create an environment for me to speak up and share with others.

I hate the way you allow me to grow with each new session.

I hate the way you provide space for me to connect in the hallways with presenters.

I hate the way you force me to make new friends that I might not see for another year.

But most of all, I hate the way I don't hate you at all.
This post is inspired by one of my favorite movies, “10 Things I Hate About You”. 

What do you “hate” about ISTE?


  1. Well said. I think we "hate" the same things.

    I'd add to your list:

    I hate how I pay for a conference but get a life experience.

    I hate how my friends think that I'm at an education conference but my followers think that I'm at a week-long party.


  2. I hate the way I have realized how incredible it is to meet the people you've been sharing with for over a year. I hate that I will now know what I am missing if I don't get to come back in the future! It was great to meet you, Nick :-)

  3. I hate the way I am challenged in each session.
    I hate the vendors for answering my questions and being helpful & enthusiastic about their product.Boring!
    I hate all the cool and awesome people I have met.ZZZZ
    I hate the enthusiasm of each presenter.annoying!
    I hate ISTE for throwing a brain party of epic proportions.
    Most of all, I hate that I have to get up tomorrow and do it all over again.

  4. I hate that I've had to endure the conference primarily in pink pjs. Also hate how my Twitter Timeline has simply been bombarded with numerous ideas & resources. #ISTE11epicfail

  5. I hate the relief I feel when I meet like minded people at ISTE11 who want to do things that are good for kids.

  6. I hate how I now want to rush back to my students even though school just ended.

    I hate the awesome bands opening on Sunday.

    I hate meeting these fabulous people I follow on twitter.

    And (sorry) I hate that I never have to wait for the bathroom even though the conference is huge.

    Robin Montgomery

  7. Nerdy Teacher!

    We should totally be friends!

  8. I hate the way you pair with me other professionals who want nothing more than to inspire me and be inspired by how we're using technology to meet our students' diverse needs.

    I hate the way you throw experiences my way that I would have never otherwise had the chance to... well... experience.

    I hate the way you give opportunity to genuinely having fun during a presentation, despite the unbreathable nature of polyester.

    And I especially hate that the cream of the crop rises and represents their districts at ISTE so that literally anyone you talk to on the floor can be an inspiration.

  9. But most of all I hate the way I DON'T HATE YOU AT ALL!

  10. Nerdy teacher you rock! I also "hate" the way that a simple dance can bring together people from around the globe for a few blissful moments and thence the bond that connects us for eternity. :)

    I also truly hate that the conference will soon be over.

  11. I hate the way ISTE helps me evolve my thinking about 21st Century Learning.
    I hate the way ISTE helps me to be the change for my classroom.

  12. I hate that you have to leave so soon.

    I hate that we got here so late.

    I hate that we have to wait another year before the next ISTE conference.

    I hate that edtech karaoke and/or the #edubros pub crawl are not every night of my life.

    I hate that all of the amazing people I have met here live so far away.

    I hate that I cannot tweet everyone I have met with just one tweet.

    I hate that I have to go through thousands of pictures to post online.

    I hate that I have become so inspired by so many people.

  13. I hate that it's helped me have time to talk about important topics with my colleagues

    I hate that I now have a million new names that I have to follow on twitter

    I hate that I am so inspired that I can't sit still from all the new exciting ideas i've gained

    I hate that I think every stranger I meet outside ISTE wants to talk about Ed tech too!

    But most of all, I hate that ISTE is over so soon!

    Thanks everyone for such a great experience!!

  14. I hate it when i'm on a plane and you all are still there!

  15. Well played, Jessica: "I hate that I think every stranger I meet outside ISTE wants to talk about Ed tech too!"

    I hate that my Twitter PLN can't know I'm eternally grateful to them.

    I hate that tingly information overload feeling that leaves me positively giddy.

    I hate that #conferencehemorrhoidalsyndrome is not a trending hashtag. [TMI?]

  16. A great post, very clever! I hate that I wasn't able to go but love reading all the coments and feel like I was there virtually.

  17. I hate that you took me away from my desk and gave me time to go deeper into technology

    I hate that you surrounded me by hot guys who love what I love (sorry)

    I hate that you have my mind buzzing with how to use web tools with educators in my work- sucks to be me - I know

    I hate that I have never been to a more amazing conference and that I might sell my firstborn to be allowed to go again

    I hate that you made me love twitter and see it's benefits

    I hate my online planner for keeping me organized- how annoying brilliant

  18. I hate that I had to wear comfortable shoes all the time to cover the ground I needed to cover.

    I (really did) hate that the blogger cafe was so far away from everywhere else.

    I hate that I didn't have enough time to spend with my Tweet friends - putting faces with names.


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