Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Project PLN

Hi! I wanted to write a post to give a little more detail behind Project PLN. I woke up one morning and I was thinking about different ways to bring members of our PLN together. Google Readers can become overwhelming and not everyone uses an RSS Feed. I wanted something that could be accessible, but also easy to manage since school is starting soon. I thought about a digital magazine that would collect different posts from members of our PLN and pass it along once a month. It seemed like it could really work.

I contacted the one person I knew that would be super excited, and Kelly did not disappoint. We quickly used all of the Social Media tools available to construct a monthly magazine from Detroit and Denver. We contacted some of the big shots of the PLN and asked them to contribute the first posts to Project PLN. They were excited and happy to help us. Another reason PLNs are awesome.

Kelly and I have mapped out a rough idea of where we want Project PLN to go, but it really is up to the PLN. We are just organizers of the amazing content each and every one of you create. We want to expose as many people as possible to the great ideas and innovative lessons you share daily. We have designated themes for different issues to help focus the writing, but we are always looking for new topics to use in the later month.

We are going to be using Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other social media to help spread the word. We will also make Project PLN available in PDF format! This will allow teachers to print off the magazine or attach it to an email and share it with staff at your school. Kelly and I want to make Project PLN accessible to as many people as possible. We want to include the voices of all educators, not just those currently using Twitter or writing blogs. With the help of you, the PLN, we can spread the amazing ideas of #edchat, and ll of the other chats, to teachers all over the world that are not yet connected.

Kelly and I welcome any ideas for Project PLN. You can reach us through our Twitter account, @ProjectPLN, email - projectpln10@gmail.com, or FaceBook. We are excited to see this grow into something amazing and can't wait to see the ideas that will spring forth from it. Please think about contributing to Project PLN. Your post could be the post that inspires another teacher.


Nick and Kelly
Project PLN


  1. AMAZING idea! I have to admit, curiosity was piqued w/ the @PROJECTPLN tweets! Can't wait to see more about this, and definitely count me in - I'd love to help any way I can! :)

  2. Aaawesome. Very excited. I would love to participate in this. Every organization needs a way to summarize the big ideas that come out of that organization.

  3. This is a great idea! Count me in to participate and I'm very excited to learn more and more from our awesome PLN!

  4. Still can't believe you asked me to be your right hand on this one, so excited to offer another way to connect people and introduce those outside of the tech world to the awesome things happening!


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