Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summers Off?

As teachers, we are often told that all of our problems are not that big of a deal because we get "summers off". I've not had a "summer off" from education since I started teaching. I taught summer school for a few years, taken summer classes for a Masters Degree, worked camps, attended conferences and spent countless hours reading and writing blogs for personal professional development. I might get away fro a week or so, but the majority of my summer is working on making myself a better teacher and planning for the next school year. I also love every second of it. If I didn't, I wouldn't be a teacher.
I wanted to get one last post out there before I head off the grid (well as off the grid as I get) for the next week. I'm heading out to a local college to be a camp counselor at the Michigan Association of Student Councils/Michigan Association (MASC/MAHS) of Honor Societies Summer Leadership Camp. I get to spend a week working with high school students who want to improve their leadership skills so they can make their school a better place. There is nothing better than seeing students passionate about learning and making a difference. I'm going to spend a week teaching leadership skills, team building, singing camp songs and making new friends. Student Government can be stressful, but this camp makes everything worth it.

Anyway, I have some pretty exciting things in the cooker that I can't wait to tell everyone about once I get back from camp. Please take care of Blogosphere and Twitterverse while I'm out. :-)

- The Nerdy Teacher