Thursday, February 25, 2010

Passion in Education

I would really appreciate it if you would cruise over to and read my guest blog post there. It is all about the need for passion in education. Understanding student passion and using a teacher's passion to make changes in the classroom.

I've been away from my desktop at home and have been unable to thank all of the people who have made my blog and tweets possible. Heck, I'm typing this on my iPhone right now. A month ago I celebrated 1 month of blogging and thanked all of the people who have supported me and commented on my posts. That lists has grown so large, there isn't time or space enough to thank them all. To all of you, thanks. I hope I have been as supportive of your work as you have been to mine.

To all of my new follwers, I hope to live up to the expectaions that Edutopia set. @Edutopia , thanks for the kind words. You do great work and I'm happy I could help. Tell George I'm always available to write if he needs me. :-)

To all the teachers and educators that are new to Blogging or Twitter, stick with it. You will learn so many great thing from so many great teachers from around the world. I can't wait to start sharing with you.

I promise to DM all of the supportive educators the next minute I have open at my home computer. If I only had an iPad, I could have solved this problem already. :-)

Tweet you later everyone.

- @TheNerdyTeacher


  1. Congratulations and excellent post! Passion is such an important ingredient in education, it makes me sad to be in classrooms where their is a lack of passion. Our students deserve it!

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