Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The #EduBroAwards Winners! #ChatChat

The #EduBros are presenting the winners of the first #EduBroAwards! If your name is on the list as a winner, save the image and place it on your blog. If you felt you should have won an award, save the image on your blog and lie to people. Nobody checks those things for validity anyway.

Best Twitter Avatar: @DerekBraman (He won by a Yoda)

Most Excited About ISTE Evah: @EduSum

Fastest Reply to a tweet: Michelle Baldwin

Not a Burlesque Dancer So Stop Asking Award: Michelle Baldwin

Best Awesomeness in the morning tweets: Steven Anderson

Best Hug: Pernille Ripp

Stunning Upset - Most Fashionable While Super Fat and Morning Sick Because of Twin Pregnancy - Kyle Pace

Best Banter Session: George, Alec and Dean

Best Multi-Tasker - Cybraryman

Best Scone Holiday Creation - @iansands apexhsart.blogspot.com

Most Tweets that misues Their/There/They're - @Funglefun

Most swiped ideas from Pintrest with the least credit - @greeneyegal

Most dedicated to #FollowFriday - @dougpete

Best Pop duo or group perfromance in #artsed - @funglefun and @tiedemania

Best hashtag creation making fun of hashtags - #chatchat - @wmchamberlain

Best Title to a blog post - "Dropbox it like it's hot" - @gwynethjones

Best EdTech Gameshow Host - Steve Dembo

The Best Smile that Kills - Kelly Tenkely

Annoying Person who actually makes you question your teaching in a positive way Award: @JohnTSpencer

Most Likely to write something snarky about Apple and blog posts proclaiming the savior of American Education" - Richard Byrne

Longest Award Name Created: Richard Byrne

Best Left Shoe in Educaiton: Amanda C Dykes

Best Right Shoe in Education: Angela Maiers

Best Unfollower - Tony Baldasaro @baldy7

Best Cookies - Kyle Pace's Mom

Best Hipster Glasses - Jeremy McDonald @mrmacnology

Deven Black Award to Be Named Later Award - Deven Black

Best Tweeting Female Rabbi with a Black Belt in Taekwondo - Shira Leibowitz

Best Social Conscience - @IraSocol and @MissShuganah

Most Slides in one presentation Award - Adam Bellow

Most Tweets Per Minute - @AndreaZellner

Best Tree Hugger - J Morgetron

Best EduCrib Organizer - Beth Still

Most Likely to have a "Hot" Item on them - Steve Johnson

Best Bald Head - @J_Allen

Best Spammer of the #EduBroAwards - Alex Adam

Fastest One Handed Typer in the MId-West - Brian Bennett

Nicest Person to meet - @PatrickmLarkin

Best DMer - Chris Wejr

Most famous restaraunt on Twitter (winning with the Canadian vote) - @Applebees

Best Thing to do at an EduConference - Karaoke

Best 6 foot or taller red headed NASCAR Fan - Shannon M Miller on a stool

Best Mustache under 35 - Tim Gwynn

Best Female mustache - @msestep (upset over Sarah Silverman)

Best mustache under 98 but over 35 - Tom Whitby

Daniel LaRusso Best Around Award - Nick and Tim