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Monday, March 18, 2013

Sharing with #Evernote at Conferences #ASCD13

For those of you who do not know, I am an avid tweeter. I love going to conferences and tweeting the day away sharing amazing resources with people around the world. That has worked nice, but I have always struggled with writing blog posts after conferences. All of my information has been spread out over a series of tweets and I do not write my blog posts until later. It is very hard to find the tweets I sent about a specific session.

I decided to try something new at #ASCD13. I would take my notes in a session on Evernote and then Tweet out the link to my Evernote Note to everyone out there using the hashtag. I received great feedback by using this approach to sharing notes from a session. I think people like the individual tweets, but the complete notes from a session are just as valuable to others.

Anyone can share an individual note at anytime with the share feature of a note. People will be able to view the note as long as I want them to and I can pull it back at any time I want. I do not see any reason why I might do that, but it is nice to have that option. Below you will see a screen show of the notes and the sharing option for Twitter and other Social Media buttons.

I still intend to tweet from some sessions and during most conferences, but I will start to do more of my sharing from Evernote.

In case you are interested in the session I was at, it was by @megormi and it was about technology in the classroom. Here is the link to the Evernote Note.

If you want to start your Evernote journey now, follow this link to sign up!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Math Tools For SmartBoard Users!

Here is a link to Vanessa Cassie's blog. She blogs about great uses for the SmartBoard and here is one the Math Teachers should love. It's a tool bar for Math Teachers. Take a look at her blog and explore the different things you can do with a SmartBoard and the software. She's also on Twitter. @VanessaCassie Follow her and you can have some great conversations and learn some cool tips like I have.

- @TheNerdyTeacher

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Have You Taken The Next Step?

I started The Nerdy Teacher because I wanted to share my thoughts and finds with the world around me. I couldn't be happier about the connections I've made and the things that I learned. I started using new strategies I picked up in class and I could see the results. I was happy, but I felt something was missing. I was sharing some of the new ideas from you great people with some like minded teachers, but the learning stopped there. We would share ideas and get excited about the success in the class we saw. I soon realized that I was leaving out the bulk of my school. I just assumed that they would not be interested because they never speak up about tech in the classroom. I realized that I was approaching the situation from the wrong direction. I needed to take the next step.

Some students do not ask questions because they know enough on the topic or don't care. Sometimes they do not know the right question to ask or they are so lost in the material they have no idea where to begin. The fear of being the only one with the question is always there as well. With that is mind, I decided to create a brand new blog geared specifically for my High School. We do not have anything like it in the district, so I saw a need and decided to fill it. I spent last weekend pulling some posts from here and creating some new one for the various subjects and launched it on Monday.

I was very nervous about how it was going to be received. I was afraid that some might see it as being a know-it-all or pushy tech teacher, but it was well received. I got compliments and good natured ribbing about the site and was hit with a few emails asking if I could focus on this topic or that topic. People offered to post their ideas as well. It had been great after only a few days. If I can get just a couple of teachers on board with what we do, they might be able to convince others to do the same. Teaching one Teacher can lead to Teaching many Teachers.

How are you using your blog to help the teachers in your building or district? Have you taken the next step?

Here is the link to my HS Blog

- @TheNerdyTeacher

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Where Does the Time Go?

I took the weekend off from Twitter to spend some time lesson planning, hanging with the wife and blogging like a mad man. I spent parts of last week helping different teachers with different tech. I was sharing ideas and showing them websites they might want to use. I decided I was going to create another blog and gear it specifically for my school. We have a tech guy and he does a good job helping those in need, but nobody is out there looking for new sites for other teachers to use in their class. I figure I'm already doing that, so why not create a page with my teacher in mind.

There will be times where I will double dip in the posting. Some things are good for all teachers, while others are going to be more specific for my building. I'm excited to use the avenue to reach the other teachers I normally do not see throughout the day and maybe enhance the learning in their class with new technology. It will be a little more work, but the tools I have learned about from you great people will actually make it easier for me to do this.

I want to take this time to thanks the great people who have been supportive of this blog since it's birth 1 month ago. I wanted to just have a place to post some ideas that I thought others would like and it has become something a bit more. I love reading the comments left from people from all over the world. It makes me want to read others and comment on their blogs to spread the love. There have been a few people that have really led the charge on Twitter and my blog that, without them, I'm not sure I would have kept going.

Kelly Tenkley and her great blog iLearn Technology. You can follow her on Twitter at @ktenkely. She was one of the very first people to comment on my blog and follow me on twitter. She has shared wonderful ideas and websites that have helped myself and teacher in my building. She has also organized a Blogging Alliance. This is a group of educator bloggers who support the blogs of everyone involved to keep the flow of ideas open to all. It's a wonderful thing and I'm glad to be a part of it.

Steven W. Anderson and his non-stop tweeting. @web20classroom. This man has shared tons of great information over the course of the month I have been following him. I feel like I have really missed out on the tweets I may have missed when I was not following him. We have had some exchanges on Twitter and I always walk away feeling like I learned something.

Shelly Terrell @ShellTerrell - If you are not following her or reading her blog, you are nuts. She has been sharing amazing ideas since day one. Go back and read her older posts on 30 Goals. They have helped me focus and become a better blogger. Thanks to you.

Jerry Blumengarten @cybraryman1 His blog is filled with an almost innumerable amount of resources and links. He actually listed my blog on his website. I was beyond thrilled. Thanks to you for all of the hard work you do to spread the good word of educators all over the world. 

Tom Whitby @tomwhitby His comment during #edchat are great. They have really made conversations informative and interesting. Check out his blog.  

Here are a host of other great tweeters and bloggers I have had the pleasure of chatting with and reading their work. I suggest you follow them and read their blogs. 


These are just a few people I've shard thought and idea with. I cannot wait create a massive list of the wonderful people that stop by and comment on my blog and tweet back and forth with me. Thanks again to everyone and I look forward to sharing for a very long time.


Saturday, January 30, 2010

"I Can't Find Any Information!"

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard that from my students. Another one I love to hear is, "What do you mean I can't use Wikipedia as a source?" As an English Teacher, I have spent many long hours teaching students how to conduct proper searches on the internet.

Sometimes I just want my students to look at a few specific websites for a specific project. I have started using a great site I want to share with you great teachers. The site is called Diigo and it is a bookmarking site. By creating a free profile, you can add specific pages to your account and direct students or other teachers to look at them. That is not the only thing you can do with this great tool though.

Highlighting - You can highlight specific information before you bookmark the site. This can save people time when there is to much information to read through and all you want is a few lines.

Sticky Notes - You can places notes on the highlighted areas to remind you of their relevance. There have been too many times where I have bookmarked a site and I could not remember why I saved it a day or so later.

Groups - You can create specific groups and send pages you find to that group only. You can make the group a public group (anyone can join) or a private group (you select who can join). After some time, I will make the teacher's group a private group to keep nosy teenagers at bay.

Email - You can directly email any site yo find to yourself or other teachers. You can create an address book and send the site directly to students or to other teachers in your department.

Teacher Account - You can request to sign up for a Teacher Account from Diigo. This will allow you to sign up students to join your specific groups that you have created. I have a Teacher Account, but am not using it with my students yet. I'm just creating groups and keeping them open to the public. I put links to them on my website so they can view the groups without an account. It could come in handy if I want to email them sites to look at over the weekend.

Linking Accounts - Diigo allows you to link your blog and Twitter accounts to your Diigo account. This way, if you bookmark something, it can be posted to you blog and your Twitter. You can set up a your account to post all the bookmarks you have made to your blog. It can be set for a daily, twice daily or weekly. This is a great way to save you time. You can also link your iPhone to Diigo as well. Download the Diigo App and you will have access to anything that you have bookmarked. It migth be available for other phones, but you would have to check for that.

The best way to start bookmarking after you create your account is to download the toolbar. It will sit at the top of your browser and you just click the bookmark button when you want to share a website. There are many other great parts of Diigo that you can use. It's best to log on and play around a bit. Have fun!


Caring is Sharing

There have been times when another teacher asked if I could send them an assignment I used last year because they would love to use it for their class. I'm usually a pretty organized person, but sometimes things get moved from one place to another. Slideshare is a great website where you can upload your PowerPoint presentations, word documents and PDFs for other teachers to use when they want them. You can even put certain documents directly on your website if you want your students to have access to the document.

Slideshare is a free website that is quick and easy to use. If you have some older handout that are not on your computer, it's still not a problem. Use one of the new copiers in the building, scan the document, email it to yourself, and then upload it to the site. After you upload a document, you can decide who can view the documents. As more teachers create profiles, we can create a network that will connect all of the teachers in the building across departments. Social Studies could be sharing with English, Science could share with Math and Art could share with...with... well, most department could share documents with each other.

I'm going to start slowly uploading many of my regular use documents and just send the link to all of my department members so they can pick and choose what they want for their class. It would be great if most departments would use this site because it could be a great resource for new teachers in the building. Give Slideshare a shot and see all of the different things you can do. Remember, Sharing is Caring.


Why I Tweet

Yes, I tweet. Feel free to make your twit joke now. I started to use Twitter at the start of the school year after an article I read about using it for schools. You might be surprised to know that Grosse Pointe North has a Twitter account. So does the school district. There is a very good reason they tweet. Information. Spreading information is key in our job and Twitter is just another way to do that.

Getting started is not as scary as you think. Here is a link to get the skinny on Twitter. It's on a blog by Kate Klingensmith and she always has something interesting to say on various topics. I also bookmarked it on my Diigo account as well. A simple Google search will bring up many articles and blogs telling you why tweeting as a teacher is a great thing. I will tell you why it is a good thing from my experience.

Reasons Why I Tweet as a Teacher:

1. It gives my students to be connected to the class at all times. If I have something I want my students to know about, I no longer have to wait until the next day. That information is there in an instant. I always seem to come across something on TV that I would love for my kids to watch, but I can't tell them in time. Now they could know.

2. It can keep me informed about the world around me when I'm out and about. You can follow many different news sites and receive information from around the world. In the information age, having access to the information is important.

3. There are smart teachers out there. There are many great teaches out there that tweet about great sites they use in class or practices that have worked well for them. It would be crazy to not want to be in contact with them. Sharing is a huge part of what teachers do all day. Why not reach out and share your ideas with other teachers and take the ideas they have if you want. Learning is global. It's important for you start thinking and sharing that way.

4. Sick Days! On the occasion that I'm not feeling well, I can send a tweet to my followers to let them know that I will not be in school and they have an extra day on their assignment. Kids love to hear about extra time on assignments. Now they can show up to your class knowing what to expect.

5. Parent contact. Not all parents are on Twitter, but the numbers are growing. This is another way for you to reach out to parents and share information. Let them know that the online gradebook has been updated. Let them know about the project that is due next week and that the information can be found on your website. Communication is very important in our job. This is just another tool for our box.

6. I talk too much! I  have had to learn to be concise with my information. With only 140 character, I have learned to put the focus on the important information. If I could only do that for my story telling.

There are many more uses for Twitter, but those are some of the big ones. Think of the many different things you could do with another from of communication. Give it a try!