Friday, November 14, 2014

#20Time Student Blogs #EdChat

Here are the student blogs for my students this year. I have students that want to be stand-up comedians, one wants to build a boat, and others are exploring publishing their own writing. Check them out and leave a comment to encourage as they pursue their dreams. 

         1st Hour

  1. 6th Hour

  2. Matthew A
  3. Nathan B
  4. Kiriel B
  5. Alexander B
  6. Luke B
  7. Louise B
  8. Jack B
  9. Caroline C
  10. Audrey D
  11. Emma E
  12. Catharine F
  13. Brian F
  14. Cameron F
  15. Adam H
  16. Jack H
  17. Philipp H
  18. Lauren H
  19. John K
  20. Katherine K
  21. Lucy L
  22. Ava M
  23. Halle M
  24. Madeline M
  25. William M
  26. Allie P
  27. Rachael P
  28. Lindsay R
  29. Emma R
  30. Cameron S
  31. Kara S
  32. Madeline T
  33. Patrick W


  1. Some very creative ideas here. Best of luck!

  2. Nick, I left one comment, but I'd love your help - I know it might take awhile to do, but I think people will leave more comments if each link is opened in a new page. It took me about five back arrows to get back to this page with your other students' blog links after I left one comment. Is there an easy fix to this? I think if you take the time, it will be worth it, as you have so many readers who respect your work and would like to give back by leaving comments (um... like me). One tip I learned from Paul Solarz - put their blogs on a Thinglink that goes right to their page (in a new tab). Ours are here, but we're not all blogging much (yet): :D THANK YOU for sharing your student work!!! We all benefit!!!

  3. Thanks for allowing your students to introduce me to blogs! I found a link to this page in my twitter feed (new to twitter @crockow8). I love reading student work so I thought I'd check this out. I love this! Great students with great thoughts. I now feel inspired to learn more about blogging and it's due to them. Please thank them for me! *I only left 1 comment but I put the link in my favorites so I can come back to read/comment on more!


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