Monday, March 18, 2013

Sharing with #Evernote at Conferences #ASCD13

For those of you who do not know, I am an avid tweeter. I love going to conferences and tweeting the day away sharing amazing resources with people around the world. That has worked nice, but I have always struggled with writing blog posts after conferences. All of my information has been spread out over a series of tweets and I do not write my blog posts until later. It is very hard to find the tweets I sent about a specific session.

I decided to try something new at #ASCD13. I would take my notes in a session on Evernote and then Tweet out the link to my Evernote Note to everyone out there using the hashtag. I received great feedback by using this approach to sharing notes from a session. I think people like the individual tweets, but the complete notes from a session are just as valuable to others.

Anyone can share an individual note at anytime with the share feature of a note. People will be able to view the note as long as I want them to and I can pull it back at any time I want. I do not see any reason why I might do that, but it is nice to have that option. Below you will see a screen show of the notes and the sharing option for Twitter and other Social Media buttons.

I still intend to tweet from some sessions and during most conferences, but I will start to do more of my sharing from Evernote.

In case you are interested in the session I was at, it was by @megormi and it was about technology in the classroom. Here is the link to the Evernote Note.


  1. What a great idea! I frequently share Evernote notes with my team via email or Facebook, but I never thought about reaching a wider audience by sharing Evernote notes through Twitter. Thanks!

  2. Great and innovative teacher, your students are very lucky :)


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